1. What does "Newtro" mean?

Newtro is a blend of words, meaning "the New generation's Retro". 


​2. What is Newtro?

Inspired by the rising trend in Korea, Newtro Studios allows you to be your own photographer, taking photos in either colour ("New") or black & white ("Retro"). Our décor, chill lounge room, and pastel coloured theme is intended to make you feel relaxed and comfortable, and prepare you for a light, fun-filled photo session!

3. Why Newtro?

With our basic package, you can take unlimited photos during your 15 minute session, and will get 2 free printed 5R photos (bigger than usual photo size). Plus, because we are determined to make your visit a complete experience, we encourage you to come early to cool down in our lounge and play some switch prior to your session. After the photo-taking, pick your favourite coloured wax, and try your hand at making a wax seal!

4. Who should come to Newtro?

Anyone; we are family and pet-friendly. Our sessions are meant for all ages and for all occasions, and non-occasions.

5. Are pets allowed?

YES!!! Where possible, pet/s should be brought in their carriers and have their toilet sessions before entering our studio. Contact us directly after making your booking for more information.

6. What should I wear to the session?

If you are choosing black and white photos, we would recommend high contrast clothes (eg., white tops and black bottoms, or jeans). For colour photos, anything goes. 

7. Should I prepare/bring anything special?

Nope. We have already set up a professional camera, backdrop, and lights. But, you are more than welcome to bring your own props like sunglasses, caps, flowers, etc.

For business enquiries, contact us at newtrostudios@gmail.com